Local Environment News Roundup 23/4/14

The Public Meeting about Gatwick in Bidborough is on Thursday 8th May 7:30-9pm in Bidborough Small Hall -just a couple of weeks away! It would be great to meet you all there to talk about the issues at hand, such as the route changes using the new ‘points merge’ system for arrivals.

Other aviation news is:

  • High Weald Parish Council’s Aviation Action Group (HWPCAAG) Initiative Parish Council’s in our area such as Penshurst, Leigh and Chiddingstone are now joining together to help protect residents in the face of GAL Ltd’s expansion plans. They are forming HWPCAAG and are currently inviting other council’s to join. Their excellent summary document will shortly be published online. HWPCAAG have a meeting on Tuesday 29th April at 8pm in Chiddingstone Village Hall and all interested parties and members of the Public from the area are invited to attend.
  • Aviation Summit Tunbridge Wells Borough Council (TWBC) is intending to organise a West Kent Aircraft Noise Summit in the summer (due to ‘purdah’ rules it cannot be held before the Council and European election on 22nd May).  GAL Ltd has confirmed it will make a presentation about the second runway at this meeting. Neighbouring borough councils, local parish councils and other groups will be invited to participate and vote on issues.  It will be an opportunity to co-ordinate the various consultations and campaigns that are taking place on aviation, and I am informed that Mr Greg Clark MP may chair the meeting.

Other issues:

  • Allotment threat Eric Pickles, the Communities Secretary, is examining plans to free local authorities from a 103-year-old obligation to provide plots of public land for cultivation by gardeners. The proposals could see local authorities, many of them strapped for cash under Government-imposed cuts, selling off allotment land for social housing or even for profit to development companies. There is an online petition against this change here: [epetitions.direct.gov.uk] Perhaps it would be worth contacting the local gardening society in case they haven’t heard about these changes?
  • Honey Bee decline Our native bee population is down 70% this year and Lord de Mauley, Parliamentary Under Secretary of State for natural environment and science, is currently looking at how to save bees from extinction in Britain. If you haven’t signed the Friends of the Earth petition already to show support for urgent action please do so here http://foe.co.uk/what_we_do/bee_cause_petition_to_lord_de_mauley_40967.html?utm_source=twitter&utm_medium=thunderclap&utm_campaign=beesthunderclap

As always, please do get in touch if you have views on any of the above or news or views about other environmental issues affecting us locally.

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