While You Were Sleeping…

…or thought you were sleeping. Gatwick is flying more and more flights at night, most commonly Easyjet planes, right over the top of Tunbridge Wells and concentrating them in a ‘glidescope’ line straight over neighbouring villages of Penshurst and Chiddingstone and so on to Hever and beyond. Night landing fees at Gatwick Airport are currently zero, presumably to encourage customers to fly at night. For easy comparison below, please see Gatwick flights above our beds just in a single four hour period over the course of five consecutive nights. Remember, Gatwick is currently running ‘off peak’ services – most people go on holiday during the Summer months.  Gatwick flies well over ten thousand night flights per year. All of them get concentrated over Tunbridge Wells and most of them register on our local monitor at over 60dB each!

Every single noise, pretty much any unexpected noise at night, could potentially wake someone up or disturb sleep cycles. That’s why night noise is such a critical issue. Economic studies show the health burdens caused by sleep deprivation costs the UK economy billions each year, which translates as great personal costs to many individual members of the public and particularly, because they are still developing , to children.

Please click on following link to see the Casper webtraks over Bidborough, Southborough, Tunbridge Wells central and Tonbridge areas:

Tunbridge Wells Night Frights 04-08May 2014

Please also note that Gatwick’s ‘glidepath’ is very extended – over twenty miles long! This happened in 1999. Before then,  flights went over the East Grinstead area. Now, as you can see, there is an exclusion zone in effect over the East Grinstead area at night.

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