More Planes Fly Over More People – Simple Be warned residents of Sussex and Kent – this is what could happen to more and more of us if Gatwick continues to expand. More planes, new routes, more routes… Gatwick is a global company with no ethical remit. It makes perfect business sense to grow and make more profits for shareholders. But it is at our expense. We’d have to go on holiday to escape from it all! We need meaningful change to the way Airports operate – we need this industry to be more tightly regulated and independently monitored than it is at the moment. There are real changes Gatwick could make tomorrow that could bring about less noise and air pollution. Instead, they continue to merely exploit the skies above our heads. The glossy documents generated by the Gatwick PR machine, such as the recent one boasting about better transport links between Gatwick and London, give every impression that what Gatwick is doing is ‘progress’. An amazing thing, apparently. The bottom line is that Gatwick is selling us more planes. And more planes. But it can’t go on can it? 

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