Gatwick targets West Kent for plane ‘Superhighway’

Gatwick targets West Kent for plane 'Superhighway'

This map, taken from Gatwick’s latest airspace consultation on route changes in the sky above us, shows the probable location of a plane ‘Superhighway’ leading to Gatwick Airport as described by the latest route change consultation. Ignore the ambiguous figures cited for ‘flights per day’ box top left because the colour coding does not correspond to the actual changes they want to implement. A concentrated stream of ALL airport arrivals from the south, more than 250 planes per day below 4000ft, will largely travel along the black line with a ‘noise shadow’ approx 2km wide as suggested by black chevrons of noise >60dB.

We believe that the proposals, although stated otherwise, are intended to maximise the approach path as far east as possible in order to accommodate another superhighway for a second runway.


One thought on “Gatwick targets West Kent for plane ‘Superhighway’

  1. This will ruin the environment, and property prices, in one of the most beautiful and historic parts of the South East.
    Boris Johnson’s idea of an airport in the Thames Estuary makes much more sense. and would affect fewer people in the local communities concerned.
    The whole mantra about the benefits, is, as seen elsewhere on this subject , only for the few in commerce, at the expense of a much larger and wider public. “Highways to Holidays” shouldn’t be at the expense of the residents of the UK. Just think of the noise around Brentford, Hounslow Hillingdon ,and Cranford etc. at Heathrow. and the daily disruption and headaches the residents constantly have to endure.
    .In Southborough,Bidborough, Hayesden, Penshurst and environs, Its too awful to contemplate. We leave the awful bustle and mayhem in London to escape to Kent, for our sanity.
    Nowhere will be safe in the world at this rate. with planes destroying man’s right to a quiet enjoyment of the planet. Our graves will be the only quiet option, or is that what the government wants?

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