Screaming Jet Heads Straight for Tunbridge Wells!

Yesterday the pilot of an Airbus 320 flight from Spain who was flying for Easyjet – often dubbed ‘Screamingjet’ because of their ongoing reluctance to fix the design flaw in their aircraft fleet they’ve know about since 2005 and despite recent record profits – was heard to make the following announcement:-

‘We are approaching the south coast at 18,000 feet and will cross the coast near Goodwood. We will then turn to the East towards Brighton and from there we will head north to Tunbridge Wells and from there turning towards the West for our landing on runway 26 Left at Gatwick…’

Fancy Tunbridge Wells getting special mention as a destination!

The journey from Goodwood was made parallel to the coastline probably about 8 miles inland. The turn north at Brighton was made just before the Marina at Brighton and then the pilot flew directly towards Tunbridge Wells, crossing the East Grinstead road at Langton Green. From then on the pilot flew almost to Bidborough, turning West just before travelling more or less along the railway line south of Chiddingstone and also to the south end of Edenbridge, more or less overhead Marsh Green en route for LGW.

So much for Gatwick avoiding highly populated areas.

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