Kent County Council still on the Fence about Gatwick Expansion

No one has so far called Paul Carter, Leader of Kent County Council (KCC), impartial with regard to environmental issues. His nonchalent response to the freedom of information revelation last year that the KCC have shares in Fracking companies yet also decide whether Frackers can drill is a case in point. He just talked about money.

Mr Carter asked Kent residents to pay an average of £20 extra on their council tax bill from November last year. However, please remember next time you see him on the television giving the impression it’s all being spent on immigrants, that our KCC have spent hundreds of thousands of pounds of Kent taxpayers money not only lobbying against the Thames Estuary Airport, but hiring consultants to actively help promote Gatwick’s Second Runway instead.

Now that the Thames Estuary airport has been ruled out by the Airport’s Commission, the KCC no longer support Gatwick openly. Yet under Paul Carter’s leadership they remain on the fence, apparently doing little except watching as Manston Airport is closed and waiting to see what Sir Howard Davies says after the election about Gatwick. Meanwhile the aircraft noise from Gatwick worsens in West Kent, and the prospect of a second runway and ‘Superhighways’ hangs in the air along with our unbounded air pollution in the borough.

It is an uncomfortable fact that Paul Carter is the representative of Maidstone rural north that is next to the Isle of Grain region earmarked for the Estuary Airport. He also lives there. That Medway Council joined forces with the KCC in rejecting the estuary development is perhaps understandable – yet the way the KCC ganged up with local interests against the interests of other boroughs, towns and parish councils in Kent is not. The KCC raises taxes from all of Kent’s residents. Therefore its stance should be taken with due regard to all the residents in Kent. The council’s current position on Gatwick’s Second runway with Paul Carter’s stewardship is not at all impartial; it’s politically untenable.


Please see  for more details of what West Kent residents are doing to help stop the High Weald ending up under concrete.


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