Rt.Hon. Greg Clark : ‘Pleased’ Plane Superhighway Changes Postponed (Until After the Election?)

clark letter 3

In other words there are no actions to mitigate this situation now, only promises of future consideration.

We neither have confidence that the community will be appropriately engaged or listened to: Gatwick still deny any changes in the way planes fly to the airport. This is despite the ACDM-55 trials being well documented. Its a weird, Orwellian ‘wordcrime’ situation. 

What’s more CEO Stewart Wingate is even denying history -before 2000 planes arriving from the East turned over Lingfield. During that year Gatwick extended the main approach path to Hever, Kent. Yet Mr Wingate has recently stated in publicly issued FAQ’s that ““The current airspace design regulated by the CAA has not been changed substantially since the Second World War…..”. Now, yet again, thirteen years since Hever found themselves under a flghtpath we have another major eastward shift: Gatwick’s planes now routinely turn, at low altitude (<4000ft), right over the top of central Tunbridge Wells some 20 miles away from the airport. We effectively have horizontal stacking, and due to airspace constraints further east more concentration of arriving planes. A situation where once there were no planes but now there are is a change as sure as two and two is four. Tunbridge Wells is Mr Clark’s constituency.

One thought on “Rt.Hon. Greg Clark : ‘Pleased’ Plane Superhighway Changes Postponed (Until After the Election?)

  1. Absolutely right. Situation has enormously in the last year. Tunbridge Wells is no longer peaceful. Rumbling skies all day and night at best. Screaming noise of turning aircraft is now normality. If it doesn’t change in the next 6 months, I’m moving the family away from this situation. How was this allowed to happen?

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