CAA Heat Maps Show Shift East & Concentration of Gatwick Planes Over Tunbridge Wells

The ‘heat’ maps below were obtained by Freedom of Information request from the Civil Aviation Authority.  They show average direct overflights in August for the last five years.

These maps are proof, if further proof was needed, that Gatwick has shifted aeroplane approach routes further east and that this has led to more concentration of flights over the Tunbridge Wells area due to airspace constraints further east from Farnborough Airport. The maps show a 5 fold increase in direct overflight of Tunbridge Wells areas between 2010 and 2014 from an average 5 planes a day to 25 planes a day.

To be clear these maps show direct overflight rather than noise shadow in cells of 100m by 100m.   But of course jet engines are loud. If one considers that residents will be highly disturbed by flights at least 300 metres either side of flights that actually means going from hearing a couple of planes an hour to averagely putting up with 175 very disturbing aircraft a day. That’s a big change. Gatwick are now halfway towards achieving their ‘Superhighway’ in the east.




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