CAA Boss explains eastern changes to plane arrivals just normal ‘vectoring choices’

The following detailed response from Andrew Haines, Chief Executive of the CAA, is in response to queries from the High Weald Aviation Group (HWAAG) Richard Streatfield’s questions over plane flight changes. In the letter, Mr Haines admits that changes i.e. a shift east of arriving planes have taken place. However,he explains these changes to plane arrivals are just everyday ‘vectoring choices’ by Air Traffic Control (ATC).

In other words, this is the system under which we live- Gatwick’s ATC can change the vectors for planes any way they want to.

It appears from this letter that whether Kent, Surrey and Sussex residents like it or not, a PR –NAV based ATC system will be introduced sometime in the next decade. Please note that this will be down to the UK Government and is NOT an EU requirement.

The letter from Mr Haines doesn’t mention the need to provide for gaps in the traffic for aircraft queuing to take off.

Any thoughts on this letter ?? (please click on IMG in red just below to see it)


One thought on “CAA Boss explains eastern changes to plane arrivals just normal ‘vectoring choices’

  1. In the short time that I have lived in Hildenborough, I have noticed an increase in the number of aircraft overflying my house. It might be argued that this was in the summer when we tend to be in the garden more than the winter but that is my perception.
    If air traffic controllers are using their discretion (normal vectoring) it would be interesting to know why they have had a change in process. Have they, for example, been given a directive to change the way they have been operating? It would be an enormous coincidence if all staff decided to do something different.
    What is clear to me is that our area will suffer considerably if another runway is built at Gatwick.

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