Combine Fracking with Aviation Expansion in the South East & What Do You Get?

Here’s something written about fracking in the media recently in response to leaked documents showing George Osbourne is doing secret deals with fracking companies to overturn local council decisions such as the one due in Lancashire shortly:

‘Scratch beneath the surface, and fracking is revealed as a giant gamble cooked up by a dying industry and a Government hoping for a quick fix to the energy crisis. We simply can’t afford to let the Government put public health on the line with this dangerous scheme.’

Exactly the same could be said about aviation expansion across London and the South East.

Leveling acres of land under airport concrete is a quick fix for the UK’s economic stagnation, filling already bulging pockets of the few at the expense of the many, losing wildlife, trashing the planet. And on the plus side the slight possibility of a temporary boost to GDP for whoever is Chancellor at the time news of a runway decision hits.

The Government has already sold off our skies in backroom deals. Simply put, after airports expand more people will be robbed of peace and the right to breathe unpolluted air.

If the Airport’s Commission was genuinely independent there would be a third option of NO MORE RUNWAYS. Instead, it seems it doesn’t matter what the runway decision is, or indeed whether Lancashire councils bow down in the face of pressure from Cuadrilla- there’s no option except one where pollution just gets worse. Put fracking together with aviation in the mix and the nature of Government policy becomes startlingly clear:
the Government are willing the spend our lives. It’s a health time bomb, and sometime soon it might just explode…

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