The public health time bomb of Government policy

Actually scratch that last post about the health time bomb as a result of Government policy on Fracking and aviation expansion (and come to think of it a whole range of other policies, particularly transport policies, that result in high levels of pollution). And neither shall the polluting industries themselves be blamed -after all they are just in pursuit of profits. I’ve just realized that the health time bomb in question will of course be deemed the fault of the NHS! Either that or perhaps some quango headed by the likes of Denise Hutton will take the rap together with a few minorities suffering from unsavoury lifestyle choices like poor people, foreigners and fatties etc

We all know we’re unhealthy for a reason, and maybe we’ll serve our country better dying young?

The only political party saying no both to fracking and more runways are the GREENS. They are also the only party proposing to actually change transport policy with a view to reducing congestion, decreasing pollution and placing emphasis on improving quality of life.

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