Two Degrees of Knowledge So Far

Someone once pointedly turned to me in a meeting on aviation expansion and said “Marxism doesn’t work. It doesn’t take account of people’s needs.” Maybe he thought I was a Marxist or something. Actually I don’t know how exactly I might label my political beliefs. But my key belief is that some form of global socialism is needed to redistribute resources and curb the individualistic tendencies that people, who on the larger scale become countries and corporations, are prone to.  Only some form of global socialism will save mankind from self-destruction on a finite planet.

Some newspapers today report that global temperatures will likely rise beyond the crucial 2C limit that would herald, according to today’s Guardian, ‘catastrophic changes to food production, sea levels, fishing, wildlife, deserts and water reserves.’ We are already witnessing dead zones in the sea.

Unfortunately, what we are hearing about climate change at present is largely in the hands of the corporate media. And it is increasingly likely that ‘the people’ will hear less and less about major global changes caused by climate change in future. As a case in point, take the fact that the major media moguls are moving big time from print to internet based forms of opinion making. Well known climate sceptic Murdoch has recently bought both National Geographic as well as an internet based and intellectually pervasive advertising company called Unruly Media.

About half the world resources are currently in the hands of one hundred or so people who own large corporations, like the media, and make deals at Government level globally such as TTIP or TPP etc. As publicized by Wikileaks, one aspect of TTIP is to restrict public access to information.

And this is why I note the very interesting front page article of Le Monde Diplomatique for October on my blog today and urge you to read it. It is called ‘Big Media versus the people’ and written by Serge Halimi.

Corporations and country states very effectively systematise and thereby mechanise the asset stripping of nature and pollution of the planet. My friend at the meeting seemed to suggest that our current system of Capitalism meets the needs of the people. Perhaps the need in question is that we should not come to know the way we are going to die?

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