About BEAG… the ‘Little’ Way

Mainstream British media is dominated by lies and money, as is British politics. I feel completely alienated from my own country. The ‘Little Way’ amounts to individual survival.

The state is like a network, a large body with various little parts.

For a body to do productive work, best not to privatise its hands and feet.

Please note that residents groups for anyone effected by noise and pollution East of Gatwick Airport are now part of the GatwickObviouslyNOT (GON) group initiative. The GON website, for details and up to date developments on airport expansion and having #onevoice EAST of Gatwick, is at: 


The umbrella group for people suffering from #airpollution & #noise from airport expansion in all areas surrounding Gatwick is GACC and their website is:


2 thoughts on “About BEAG… the ‘Little’ Way

  1. We also need people to pledge not to fly, including GACC members, otherwise any objectors to the expansion are Nimbys.

    • Objectors to the expansion can also be called ‘idealists’ i.e. people with unworkable, impractical arguments. BEAG is small. Never meant to be big, just local, but still part of something. We aim to bring big news to the small scale where its easier to understand. If in a small way, using small steps, we can add something then that’s still something. Please take a look at the’Taming Aviation’ link on this site for the initiative we are part of at European level.

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